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Ananda Siva Natanam - The Blissful Dance of Siva

Ananda Siva Natanam - The Blissful Dance of Siva

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Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna - A Profile by V. Sivaramakrishnan Art is a form of self-expression. The eternal spirit within, the atman, expresses itself when the artiste's ego is subdued and the senses are disciplined. Transcending the sensual, the spiritual asserts itself when the art-exponent is self- effacing, dedicated and divinely inspired. In Indian culture, beauty which every art-form embodies and proclaims, is not an end in itself. It is considered as a spiritual value associated with sat yam (truth) and sivam (goodness). The end is spiritual perfection variously described as Freedom (moksa) as a state of being or Absolute Bliss (Brahmananda) as an ineffable experience of joy. In other words, Indian art is essentially religious and aims at an experience beyond the physical.

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