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Fairy Tales (Deluxe Hardbound Edition)

Fairy Tales (Deluxe Hardbound Edition)

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A great many years ago, in the enchanted fairy tale world, there were fairies and elves and devils and angels Princes—wicked and charming Snow Queens and Ice Maidens A girl as little as a thumb And a Little Mermaid . . . From the forest and hills of the same fairy world, a poor fellow arrives in town Join him every evening, as he paints the scenes described by the Moon.

This classic book is a must-read for all!

  • It comprises unforgettable characters, whimsical humour, and morals and wisdom
  • The tales have been delighting children and adults alike for generations
  • The tales have been translated into more than a hundred languages and have undergone several adaptations over the decades
  • This hardbound edition comes with gilded edges, a ribbon bookmark, and beautiful endpapers
  • It is perfect for gifting and will make a good addition to any library
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