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Gopatha Brahmana: A Critical Study

Gopatha Brahmana: A Critical Study

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About the Book Gopatha Brahmana happens to be the only available Brahmana-text, perhaps an incomplete one, now representing all nine schools of the Atharvaveda. The text consists of eleven chapters and a long-neglected one. The subject-matter, for more than one reason, raises controversy among the scholars, down the ages. The present study, thus intended as a comprehensive critique upon the whole text of the Gopatha Brahmana, where all important and controversial issues have been taken into account and critically examined. The present endeavour, for the first time has made a good thrust upon the age-old debates regarding the age, characteristics, position, importance, original and purloined portions, which very distinctly explore the righteous position of the Gopatha Brahmana in the Vedic tradition, disregarding old allegations. The reader, now will get a total purview over the text due to this detailed observation latest so far, contemplated by the author. This book, we hope, will certainly De a significant contribution to the understanding of the field of the Atharvaveda and the Vedic literature, as well.

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