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History of Dharmasastra in Essence

History of Dharmasastra in Essence

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The encyclopaedic history of Dharmasastra represents a monumental single – handed effort by the Bharataratna Dr. Pandurang Vaman Kane (07.05.1880-18.04.1972). The original work in seven volumes covering more than six thousand five hundred pages and the first volume revised in mid-sixties contain such extensive discussion of smrtis, Sanskrit literature, numismatics, epigraphy and lexicography that these volumes are used mainly by scholars for purposes of reference. A strong feeling was expressed by several persons that the contents of this great work should be made accessible in a concise form to non-specialist general readers in India as well as in other English speaking countries. This has now been done by Dr. S. G. Moghe, a dedicated scholar in the field of history of Dharmsastra.

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