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Valmiki Ramayana: Kishkindakanda 

Valmiki Ramayana: Kishkindakanda 

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Dr. Nayak chaired two sessions in the European Association of Common wealth Language and Literature Studies, Austria in 1993. He is, at present, Director of the centrally sponsored Valmiki Ramayana Project under Rastriya Sanskrit University, Tirupati. Countries visited: Germany, UK, Switzerland and Austria.

With publications in national and international journals which include Common wealth Novel in ENGLISH, Virginia, Indian writing in ENGLISH, Karnataka, Orissa Review, Orissa Historical Research Journal, etc. Prof. Nayak’s voice of silence: Sonepur Durbar & Indian Cultural Traditions (Orissa Sahitya Academy) has elicited encomium from Donaldson, an American Orientalist. Some of his important translations include Pavanadutamby Kaviraj Dhoyi (EZCC, Kolkata and Orissa Sahitya Academy), Utkal Lazmi by Gngadhar Meher (Sambalpur University), The Prophet B Gibran, Ben Hur by Lewis Wallace (Vidyapuri, Cuttack), My Gipsy Life by Padmasri Ln Sahu Memorial Trust, Cuttack(, etc. The works he has edited are Celestial Infancy and other Essays on Words worth (Anmol, New Delhi), Feminism and Indian ENGLISH Fiction (PBD, Bereilly), The Voyage Inward (Bahri, New Delhi), Confluence (Gyan Books, New Delhi), Tales of Our Times (Cambridge), Inscriptions of Sonepur (Roadworthy, New Delhi), Songs of the Soul (LN Sahu Memorial Trust, Cuttack), Sangita O Lokagit (EZCC, Kolkata), etc.

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