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Vedic Lectures

Vedic Lectures

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The thoughts contained in these Lectures are offered to those who are engaged in discovering the deeper meanings of ‘symbolism, mytholegy and religion. The Vedas are a thesaurus of truths which are the laws on both the cosmic and the individual levels, that is, in the Universal and in Man. For ‘the Western interpreter the Vedic problem is lost in the sands of a primitive religion bearing the load of blind myths. For the scholar in India there is stalemate in which the words are important and not the meaning; he feels no obligation towards ‘tthe problem as to what the Rishis intended to convey as a ‘consistent formulation of their thoughts. The problem, however, cannot be left to such predilections, for the establishment ‘of the new horizons of study in religion, mythology and -.symbolism on a world stage is offering infinite possibilities for interpreting the Mind of Man. The Vedas have assumed fresh significance calling for a re-assessment of the statements ‘made about the Devas, in the context of creation at the three levels of Mind, Life and Matter, of which the composite and integrated pattern is Man.

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