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Wisdom of the Ancient Rishis

Wisdom of the Ancient Rishis

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May the Almighty bless all beings! My humble salutations to all Seers, Saints and Savants who tread on this earth and engage themselves in the gigantic task of uplifting the fallen man and put him on the path that leads to eternal bliss.

For some good reasons, it has been my cherished desire for a long time that the English translation of the discourses of Brahamrishi Krishan Dutt Ji may also be brought out. By God's grace the present book is towards that accomplishment only. The discourses presented herein were delivered by him originally in Hindi at different places and times.

Shri Brahamrishi Ji was an unlettered youth of about 30 years with no schooling of any sort. Yet, when he transcends into the state of trance (Yoga Samadhi), he gushes forth a stream of knowledge.

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