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A Bouquet of Woeful Entreaties

A Bouquet of Woeful Entreaties

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By sincerely chanting the holy names, while respecting all according to their position, and not being eager for respect from others, the tendency to serve Radha- Krsna in Vraja shall arise. As a result of pure chanting, the Lord's form shall appear in the heart, followed by His qualities and pastimes. At that stage, absorption of the mind in Radha-Krsna's pastimes will be natural, not artificial. Krsna and His names are non- different. When one purely chants these, He will come in the heart and perform His loving pastimes with all His associates. His lila-sakti, pastime potency, is always with Him. She gives the tendency and qualification to serve Krsna.

When greed comes to serve Krsna in one's eternal spiritual form, in time, that greed shall reveal one's eternal loving mood towards Krsna. Then one begins to serve Krsna under the guidance of His associates. This love matures sequentially through higher and higher degrees up to mahabhava.

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