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A Prayer Book for Children

A Prayer Book for Children

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Faith in God and prayer to Him are a must for every one for a happy and peaceful life God created this world It is He who creates father, mother brother and sister He is not far away in the sky He is in our heart He knows what is good for us By praying to Him we can get whatever we want. Prayer helps us to keep in contact with Him As Sri Ramakrishna says, 'When we put a post card in a letter box, we surely believe it reaches the destination, so also when we pray to God, it surely reaches His ears Prayer also purifies our mind and takes us nearer to God Prayer not only soothes away sorrows and distresses , but makes the mind receptive and responsive at the same time Prayer is an appeal to God to make us better persons Children cannot survive without the love of their parents , even so they cannot survive without the love of God, because God is the parent of parents Therefore children should cultivate from their young age the habit of praying to God The constant repetition of the prayers set forth in this book will help the children to gain more and more faith in God.

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