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Abhicara Rites in The Veda

Abhicara Rites in The Veda

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The Vedas are supposed to be the first literary creations of the world and in this part of the Globe; these are considered as the most sacred as well as the source of all knowledge. As a matter of fact the Vedic literature contains a lot of material for the study of ancient Indian cultural history including the religious, philosophical, political, social and economic life of the then people. From the traditional point of view the Vedas are meant for the solemnized activities called yarria or sacrifice which is a means for ceremonially worshipping different divinities through prayer and offerings of pleasurable objects to them in order to obtain their blessings as well as to get various worldly desires fulfilled. These activities are broadly known as Vedic rituals, often included in the term Veda and considered as sacred as the Vedas

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