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The Aitareyopanisad, also called Bahvrcopanisad, belongs to the Rgveda and is part of the Aitareyaranyaka which, according to modern scholars, originated in the Kuru-pancala country more than 2600 years ago. The Brahmana and the Aranyaka known by the same title Aitareya are attributed to Mahidasa Aitareya, who, on the authority of Chandogyopanisad III. 16. 7, lived to the age of 116. Madhvacarya mentions that Aitareya was an incarnation of Naraya1a and son of Visala. According to a tradition recorded by Saya1acärya Mahidasa was the son of a woman called Itarã. Mahidasa’s father had sons by other wives also, who were favoured with a larger share of his love than Mahidasa.

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