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An Introduction to 32 Brahma Vidyas (Secret Doctrines)

An Introduction to 32 Brahma Vidyas (Secret Doctrines)

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With the most sacred remembrance of the lustrous and lotus- like feet of the Supreme Lord Narayana and the worshipful feet of the revered Acharyas, we raise our hand in benediction over the author of this beautiful and enlightening book-let on the most sacred branch of learning called Brahma Vidya. Sri K.R. Krishnaswami who is endowed with sweetness and light which are the characteristic features of a cultured person is well known in the world of thoughtful readers by his works on the famous threefold authority (Prasthana thraya) of Vedanta, the devotional lyrics of Alwars and Acharyas, smrithi, purana, ithihasa and kavyas and the text of guidance for daily worship (Nithya grantha) and Agamas, a few of which have run into many editions. The work which is being presented herewith deals with Brahma Vidyaas or the spiritual modes of meditation and worship which when practised leads directly or indirectly to the Supreme Being.

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