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Gitamrta Mahodadhi

Gitamrta Mahodadhi

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Sri R. Visvanatha Sastri (1882 - 1956), my father, worked in the judicial department of South Arcot District in the erstwhile Madras Province of British India and retired as Sub-Court Sheristadar, Cuddalore, in 1939. In his younger years, round about the second decade of the 20th century, when he was working in »: Tirukkoilur and Cuddalore, "every year (probably for four or five years) during the summer recess, sending his wife and children to her fath~r's place, he went over to Canapathy Agraharam in Tanjore District, to be for day and nigh( at the lotus feet of Sri Sri Vasudeva Brahmendra Saraswati and stayed there in his Ashram like a gurukulavasi. He had all his Bhasya paihae this way.

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