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Glimpses of Bhaktimala (Part-IV)

Glimpses of Bhaktimala (Part-IV)

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At the outset, I offer my pranams at the lotus feet of my sadguru Sri Sri Sri Ganapati Sacchidananda Swamiji.

This book contains the English translation of His speeches from Telugu Bhaktimala pertaining to the period 1978/79 (the first Telugu Bhaktimala) to Sep 1993. The translation of speeches from the Bhaktimala Oct 1993 up to 2008 was earlier released under the title “Glimpses of Bhaktimala Vol. 1 & 2 “.

To a Datta devotee, the beauty and the essence contained in the Speeches given by him Holiness need no introduction. In his own lucid and wonderful style, He easily communicates complex subjects such that they hold on tightly our mind and heart. He creates in us in interest to listen to them time and again. As we read his speeches repeatedly, a desire to change for the better, a desire to inculcate those characteristics & taints that are deeply loved by Him, crops up in us. We cherish his speeches!

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