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Guru Devata Stotra Manjari

Guru Devata Stotra Manjari

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The human life at its highest offers the critical turning point. The Guru whose mind, heart and senses ever dwell on the highest realm is able to easily create in the life of the disciple that critical turning point that can induce a spiritual transformation in him and take him instantly Godward.

The quest of the aspirant for God is the most ardent and enthralling of all him quests. The Guru helps the aspirant in this quest. Apart from that the Guru Help's the disciples to understand the shades of virtue and vive. He makes them learn the discrimination of character from the policy and practice of life. He makes them mature human beings. Further, he demonstrates the truth, justice, worth human beings. Further, he demonstrates the truth, Justice, worth and validity of the ways of God to Man.

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