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Guru-Pavana-Puram Sri Guruvayur Temple

Guru-Pavana-Puram Sri Guruvayur Temple

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The book, "Mohana Tejas" or "Guruvayurappan", written by Sri T.Shankaran Nambidi, a great devoted of Guruvayurappan, about fifty years ago came to my hands in July last when I was on a holiday in Kerala. Thought struck me that an English version of it might be of use to the thousands of pilgrims from outside Kerala who flock to Guruvayur temple, not knowing the customs and practices in the temple there, but carried solely by an intense faith in Lord Guruvayurappan. I felt that some knowledge and understanding of these things might help them to savour better the spiritual delights of Guruvayur and make their life more meaningful and satisfying. But it was not until February 1999 that I could put pen to paper when I had all the time and quietude to work on it in far away Muscat.

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