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Heritage of Kamakhya on The Nilachala Hill (Based on Field -Investigation): A Rare Book

Heritage of Kamakhya on The Nilachala Hill (Based on Field -Investigation): A Rare Book

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Represented as a svayambhu atop the Nilachala Hill in Guwahati, Assam, Kamakhya is one of the most important of the 51 Shakti Pithas. In the late 90s VKIS’s research team asked itself a question What draws thousands of people to the Kamakhya throughout the years especially during the Ambuvachi Mela?

Thus began the inquiry that went through various phases of research data collection on rituals observed at the Kamakhya documentation of the Ambuvachi and deodhani mela, interaction with people associated with the Kamakhya pandas and pilgrims tourists and traders as well as interaction with people of various communities from the hill and the plains. All this led to the present book, The Heritage of Kamakhya on the Nilachala Hill. The chapter relate its history both oral and recorded its rites and rituals fairs and festivals art and architecture inscriptions and sculpture all of which prove that while the tradition of worship to Her is itself not datable Kamakhya has been and continues to be a unigying symbol in the religio-cultural life of various communities and traditions including the Saiva the Vaisnav the Ganapaty. Moreover VKIC’s study indicates an abiding relationship amongst dwellers of the forests hills villages and cities. This symbiotic relationship of the socio-cultural continuum indicates that in many respects mother Kamakhya is the Mother of us all.

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