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Hindu Fasts, Festivals and Ceremonies

Hindu Fasts, Festivals and Ceremonies

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Fasts, festivals and ceremonies forms part of the religious practices in Hinduism and therefore the whole years is full of these activities. The Hindus have religious, social and hygienic elements in them as bathing and prayers are their essential parts. The first purpose of the fast is to obtain by this act of penitence the forgiveness of their sins; and the second to avert the malign influence of the stars; and the third to pray for the well being and progress of their family members.

Many festivals are seasonal; some celebrate the harvest or fertility of the fields; some commemorate the birth, inauguration, or victory of a God or hero. Some are dedicated to the phases of the moon, to eclipse, solstices, and equinoxes, to the stars.

Hinduism has secular tendencies with a unique system of ceremonies, which are expressive with symbolic performances and theological gestures. This book contains rich living traditions from different parts of India, local customs, rituals from birth to death. It gives a kaleidoscopic picture of the development of more than ten thousand years of Hindu traditions.

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