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Vedanta: The Only Consummate Spiritual Science

Vedanta: The Only Consummate Spiritual Science

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This is the eighth and final number of a series of books under the head - 'Satchidaananda Vaak-Jyoti Series' or 'The Enlightening Words of Satchidaananda'. All these booklets are free transliterations of Kannada books which contain the enlightening and immortal teachings of Shri Satchidaanandendra Saraswati Swamiji, of revered memory, and are meant for those readers who do not have the facility and advantage of reading and understanding his original books in the Kannada language. As the title of this book implies, it champions the cause of 'Vedantic Spiritual Science' as the acme of all 'Knowledge' and human pursuits in a convincing, rational manner.

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