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Vishnu Temples of South India (Set of Five Volumes)

Vishnu Temples of South India (Set of Five Volumes)

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South India is famous for his temples, both big and small, found in every city, town and village. Many of these temples are dedicated to Vishnu. While some these temples are famous, there are many others which are not well-known. This book contains thirty articles on Vishnu temples in Tamil Nadu. Four of these are Divya Desams or the temples sanctified by the hymns of the Azhvars or the Vaishnava saints and are famous. All the other articles in this book describe the smaller temples, mostly found in villages, small towns or in suburbs of Chennai which are also important historic and religious centres, but are unfortunately not visited often. The articles focus on the legends connected with these temples, their history, art and architecture and the festivals celebrated here. This book also highlights the ancient historic inscriptions etched on the walls of the shrines which provide an authentic account of the donations made by royalty and common people alike and the important role the temples played in the socio-economic sphere in times bygone.

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