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What is Destiny ? (Absolute Law of Karma !)

What is Destiny ? (Absolute Law of Karma !)

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Strange are the ways of life. We so often see instances where virtuous persons suffer endlessly while sinners lead pleasurable lives: indolents achieve success while hard-working persons tail repeatedly, the wise face adversity while fools live in prosperity; the egoists arc held in high esteem while the righteous suffer contempt. The established human norms for achieving happiness and success do not always appear to hold good in practical terms.

This hook is an eye-opener for all as it gives very logical explanation of the relationship between human deeds and destiny. It lucidly explains in scientific light, the fundamental law of Karma, the secrets behind fortune and misfortune, the mystery behind collective suffering of large number of people at the same time and place, the three types of agonies man is afflicted with, and their cause and effect relationship. The process of continuous recording of all our actions (including mental acts or intentions) throughout our life, and the system of fructification of the consequences of our actions later on, etc, every facet of 'destiny' has been very logically and interestingly explained in a scientific way.

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